Animals in the Quran

A 10-Book Series

Suggested Ages 6+

We all know the Quran teaches us life lessons through the beautiful stories from history. Animals in the Quran focuses on ten of these stories, which feature animals. Children love stories with animals, so these stories will capture their attention and help them learn important lessons. Each book tells stories about different animals mentioned in the Quran and how we can learn lessons from them! InshaAllah your child can enjoy these stories while simultaneously learning important lessons from the Holy Quran! 

Prophet Saleh (a) and the Saleh
Prophet Musa (a) and the Sacrifice
Prophet Ismaeel (a) and the Sheep
Prophet Musa (a) and the Serpent
Prophet Sulayman (a) and the Hudhud
Prophet Musa(a) and the Signs
Prophet Sulayman (a) and the Ants
Prophet Ibrahim (a) and the Birds
Prophet Yunus(a) and the Whale
The Elephant Army