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Salāmun ʿAlaykum

May Allah (swt) bless you and your family!

We would like to extend our gratitude to you and your team for your continued collaboration, support, and participation in connecting a global network of Islamic educators and leaders. Our outreach teams are honored to continue and bring remote learning and digital educational resources to schools and families around the world. Welcome to our collaboration unit for the 2024-2025 school year.

A message from our Board ʿĀlim

Salāmun ʿAlaykum

May Allah (swt) bless you and your families! Welcome to Salam Institute


During the pandemic period in 2020, there was a need and responsibility to constitute a global community and give precedence to making Islamic education and resources accessible to every household on a virtual and digital platform. Indeed Islamic education is not bound by limitations of culture, language, ethnicity, nor geographical location. Building off the great work, accomplishments, and efforts of all individuals and communities; toward enhancement of a holistic Islamic education; we were able to take steps toward this mission. We pray that this helps foster lifelong relationships to connect and unite the Muslim ummah. It is with tawfīq from Allah (swt),  the endless work from this broader community and the leadership of all scholars that we are able to create and serve the two main units of Salam Institute.


First, Salam Online; internationally recognized and accredited by Cognia, is a virtual global weekend school operating in three distinct time zones. North America, New Zealand/Australia, and in the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia regions. The barakah and blessings of Salam Online stem from our students and families who entrust us with this rewarding responsibility; and from the volunteer staff and teachers who fervently commit themselves in planting the seed of knowledge in the hearts and minds of our children.


Second, Salam Institute constructs the foundation for networking and collaboration with other Islamic schools and organizations worldwide by extending our curriculum, educational resources, learning management systems (LMS), providing professional development, teacher or staff training, and parenting workshops to centers and schools in need. This is manifested by our ongoing pursuit of excellence grounded in unity of the ummah by creating and connecting a cooperation of Islamic educators, professionals, teachers, families, and students across the globe. 


I humbly invite you or anyone in your organization or community to join us on this cause; to strive together, pave the path, and open opportunities for next generations to grow and prosper in unity and in service of Allah(swt). We pray for strength and tawfīq to perform our duties and responsibilities in binding the next leaders and ambassadors of Islam together toward building, empowering, and nurturing future communities inshāʾAllāh. 


Nabi Raza Mir Abidi

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