Hakima Hadi 

Join Hakima and Hadi as they learn about Islam, Allah, going to mosque, praying, and more! There are 9 books in the set. These books are suitable for young ones ages 2-5 and feature repetition to help children remember the takeaway message of the story!

Hakima And Hadi Remember Imam Hussain (a)
Hakima And Hadi Go To Jum’ah!
Hakima And Hadi Pray Salaah
Hakima And Hadi Read The Quran
Hakima Hadi Remember Allah is Everywhere
Hakima Hadi Say Alhumdolillah
Hakima and Hakima See Allah’s Creation
Hakima Hadi Say Bismillah
Hakima Hadi Explore the World

The Great Prophets & Ahl al-Kisa Series

This heartwarming series of 9 board books features endearing stories about our greatest role models – the ʿUlul Aẓm (Great) Prophets and Ahl al-Kisāʾ! Your toddlers will love gazing at the vibrant illustrations as they are introduced to the best of creations. These board books are perfect for little ones to hold as stories are read to them!
Lesson 1 – Prophet Nuh (a)
Lesson 2 – Ibrahim (a)
Lesson 3 – Prophet Musa (a)
Lesson 4 – Prophet Isa (a)
Lesson 1 – Prophet Muhammad (s)
Lesson 2 – Imam Ali (a)
Lesson 3 – Sayyida Fatimah (a)
Lesson 4 – Imam Hasan (a)
Lesson 5 – Imam Hussain (a)