Qurʾān Curriculum


Qurʾān Curriculum

Qurʾān curriculum is designed to help students improve their recitation and tajwīd skills, as well as help them develop a relationship with the Qurʾān through the following units:

  • Qurʾān Reading
  • Tajwīd
  • Living with the Qurʾān
  • Duʿās
  • Short Aḥādīth
  • Ṣalāh Pronunciation

Qurʾān Appreciation

Qurʾān Appreciation curriculum consists of 5 booklets. The goal behind this series is to promote appreciation, love, understanding, and practical usage of the Qurʾān in the lives of our children. 

  • Duʿās in the Qurʾān
  • Qurʾān in the Qurʾān
  • Ahl al-Bayt in the Qurʾān Part I
  • Ahl al-Bayt in the Qurʾān Part II 
  • Servants of the Merciful

Qurʾān Memorization

Verses of Light is a Qurʾān memorization curriculum based on selected āyāt of the Qurʾān that highlight important akhlāqi lessons. The curriculum contains a selection of 48 āyāt on topics such as respecting parents, interacting with fellow Muslims, rushing to do good deeds, and more! The curriculum features a detailed, step-by-step teacher’s guide that includes hand gestures, stories, activities, and discussion questions through which parents and teachers can teach these āyāt in a fun and interactive manner. 

Qāiʾdah Nūrāniyah

Qāiʾdah Nūrāniyah is one of the leading methods of reciting Qurʾān with tajwīd. The lessons are divided according to articulation points—makhraj—and includes learning how to spell, and self-correction.

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